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August 1969 to August 1970

Cam Ranh Bay (TDY)



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The USAFSS Command Emblem Symbolizes the command mission. It consists of a shield divided equally into quarters by a vertical and horizontal line and identifying scroll. Significant of the commandís worldwide influence, the first quarter is blue, thereon a green sphere with yellow land markings. Pertinent to transmission, the second quarter is red, thereon a yellow lightning streak. Significant of the United States Air Force, the third quarter is yellow, thereon a blue half wing. Symbolic of protection and security, the fourth quarter is blue, thereon over a sword with point to base (hilt and pommel yellow), a white shield, thereon a yellow flame shaded red. The emblem was approved by Headquarters USAF in August 1952.
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6994 PUC 11 Jul 1968-31 Aug 1969 DAFSO GB 804/79
6994 AFOUA W/V 01 Jul 1969-30 Jun 1970 DAFSO GB 850/70 
6994 AFOUA W/V 01 Jul 1970-30 Jun 1971 DAFSO GB 43/72
6949 none
6988 AFOUA 01 Apr 1965-15 Jul 1966
6988 AFOUA 16 Jul 1966-01 Sep 1967
6988 AFOUA 23 Jan 1968- Aug 1968
6988 AFOUA 01 Sep 1969-30 Jun 1970